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My family and I escaped the blizzard of Kansas and went to Key West to relax and check out:).  One night, we were venturing out on Duval Street, and we heard a really talented band from California called RST.  RST sounds a lot like Crosby, Stills, and Nash. They have tight harmonies and wonderfully written original songs! We listened to them for two afternoons and on the third afternoon after the break, they invited me to come play the song Hotel California on stage with them! I had an awesome time!!!  They are also genuinely nice guys and humble as well.  They were generous enough to invite me to a cookout where the band and I got to jam for 6 hours!  You guys should definitely check them out on iTunes.  I’d like to thank all the members of the band including Geoffrey Rutledge (left) (guitar and vocals), Lennox Smith (middle) (bass and vocals), John Tindel (right) (guitar and vocals), and Vinnie Smith (back) (bongos, cajon, and drums).