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My parents asked me what kind of birthday party I would like to have, and I said nothing would be better than a rock’n roll one!  I loved having all my friends and family coming to see me and jamming with the Sluggos!  We jammed to a lot of different songs, mostly to some Sluggos originals like “Cigarettes Girl”.  We also did some covers like “One Way Out” by the Allman Brothers and “Kid Charlemagne” by Steely Dan.  Wayne took some killer solos, it was awesome!!!(he shredded in my face with the guitar licks:).  I really appreciate the Sluggos for doing this for my birthday!  A special thanks to Wayne Gottstine (front right) (guitarist and vocalist), Michael Carmody (front left) (guitarist and vocalist), Mitch Clay (back left)(bassist), and Doug Van Es (back middle)(drummer).  They are such a nice group of guys and an awesome band.  It was a dream come true to be able to play with them, even though I couldn’t hear for a few days:).  This was the peak of my birthday adventure.