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I had an awesome weekend of music!  I was invited to play at the Donut Whole Friday night for the Bowie Bazzazzle.  The Donut Whole was decorated with all kinds of balloons and cool green and red laser lights!  In addition to my performance, there were a lot of talented musicians who played Bowie’s greatest hits.  Michael Carmody and Angela Mallory were really generous to host such a special night!  To continue the Bowie adventure, Mom, Dad, and I were invited to see the 1986 David Bowie movie “Labyrinth”.  It was comedic and suspenseful.

I also played in the February Blues Jam!  I performed a few sets with my friend Brady Volkmann.  He has great guitar riffs for his solos!  A special thanks to Michael Peltzer who donated his time to help young musicians improve.